Benefits of our Comedy Class - Comedy Safe Driver



Benefits of our Comedy Class

Comedy Safe Driver offers great comedy and exposes its students to the risks associated with driving and how to better avoid collisions and hazardous situations. This is done through actual case studies and questions relating to defensive driving. The questions cover aggressive driving, obeying signals, hazardous driving conditions, how to legally navigate our roadways, the importance of wearing your seatbelts, and distractions that can reduce a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Benefits-Comedy-ClassThe developers of Comedy Safe Driver set out to create the most interactive and memorable driving safety education program available online.

Benefits-Comedy-Class3D Defensive Driving was founded by accident reconstructionists who have been investigating and animating traffic collisions since 1992. The animated collisions, etc., used, in this course are based on animation from actual cases. These animations were prepared to be used in litigation, and some were featured on television and news broadcasts.

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