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3 Collisions in Every Crash

When a vehicle collides with something, the crash is comprised of 3 collisions. Lets go over these collisions and how seatbelts and other restraints operate to distribute their effect.


Crash-Class-DefensiveVehicle Collision

The first collision is when the vehicle strikes another vehicle or object. In a frontal collision, the bumper to the beginning of the passenger compartment absorbs some of the impact and dissipates it as energy by bending of metal and crushing of other components. The front of vehicles are designed to crush and absorb as much energy as possible to there is less force the occupants must absorb.

Crash-Class-DefensiveOccupant Collision

The next collision is between the occupants and the interior of the vehicle or restraints. When the initial impact occurs the occupants are still traveling forward the same speed the vehicle was traveling prior to the collision. When unbelted, passengers will slam into the dash, windshield or other occupants.

Crash-Class-DefensiveInternal Collision

An occupant's internal organs keep moving, even after the occupant's body comes to a complete stop. Just like the occupants hitting the interior of the car, your organs collide with bone and other organs. This is the most serious collision and many times causes very serious or fatal injuries.


During a crash, safety belts distribute the forces of a collision over larger and stronger parts of the person's body. The belts also stretch and spread the force over a longer period of time. This significantly reduces the severity of internal collisions and prevents or reduces occupant collisions.


Crash Protection Crash Class Defensive


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