Anatomical Gifts and Organ Donation Defensive Class



Organ Donation

Gifts-Defensive-ClassApproximately 300 people apply to receive a transplant each month, and are added to a growing waiting list. The number of people requiring a life-saving transplant continues to rise faster than the number of available donors.

Collisions that result in a tragic outcome could end up saving and improving lives. When you donate your organs, you give someone else a most precious gift - the chance to live. You should know your options regarding organ donation and what affect this can have on many other lives.

Organ and tissue recovery takes place only after all efforts to save your life have been exhausted and death has been legally declared. The Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) is not notified until all lifesaving efforts have failed and death has been determined. The family must consent before the OPO is notified.

One organ and tissue donor can provide 7 life saving organs and quality enhancing tissues for another 20 persons? These Organs include: the heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas. Tissues include: bone, skin, eyes or corneas and heart valves.

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