Rumble Strips



Rumble Strips

Sound Making Road Construction Devices

Some sound making devices have been implemented into the construction of roads. These give of a rumbling noise warning drivers that they are headed off the roadway or towards oncoming traffic.


One such device is the rumble strip.  Rumble strips are small indentations or narrow raised strips on the highway or shoulder. They vibrate the steering wheel and make a noise inside the vehicle to get the attention of the driver. They alert the driver to a sudden change ahead, such as an intersection after a long stretch of road.  Or wake the driver who may have dozed off and run onto the shoulder of the road. When you hear the rattle sound made by a rumble strip, don't mistake this for a mechanical problem with your car.  Look for warning signs or hazards ahead.


Rumble strips are made up of a series of raised bumps or channels that are cut into the pavement. The bumps or channels create a loud noise when the vehicle’s tires pass over them. The noise is designed to get the driver’s attention, and make them aware of the potential dangers ahead.


Rumble strips are most commonly used on highways and roads that have sharp curves or intersections. They are also used in areas where there may be a lot of wildlife, such as deer crossings, to warn drivers of the potential danger. They are also commonly used in work zones, to alert drivers to the presence of construction crews.


Rumble strips have been proven to be effective in reducing the number of traffic accidents. Studies have shown that rumble strips reduce the number of single-vehicle crashes by up to 50%. This is primarily due to the fact that the noise produced by the rumble strips gets the driver’s attention and encourages them to slow down.


In addition to reducing the number of traffic accidents, rumble strips also provide environmental benefits. The noise produced by the rumble strips can be used to alert wildlife to the presence of vehicles, which can help to reduce the number of animal-vehicle collisions.


Overall, rumble strips are a valuable safety feature that can help to reduce the number of traffic accidents and animal-vehicle collisions. If you are driving on a road or highway that has rumble strips, make sure to slow down when you hear the noise. It could save your life!


Keep your ear to the road!


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