Rail Road Crossing Encounters



Encountering a Railroad Crossing - Comedy Class


Law requires motorists to yield the right of way to trains. It is also against the law to cross tracks if a train is visible or to drive around gates that have been lowered at a railroad crossing. If the gates are down and no train is coming, the road is closed.

Railroad-Comedy-ClassWhen you encounter a railroad crossing:

  • Reduce speed and look both ways as you approach intersection.
  • Turn down your stereo and listen for a train.
  • If crossing arms have been lowered, or red lights are flashing stop.
  • Stopping on the tracks is never legal and is extremely dangerous.
  • Be sure all tracks are clear before crossing – there may be more than one set. The following animation involves a bus that had to pass multiple sets of tracks and failed to stop at the intersection. Busses are required by law to stop at railroad crossings.

Railroad Crossings Railroad Comedy Class