Off-Road Recovery - Loosing Control



Off-Road Recovery



If you find yourself running off the pavement, you need to regain control and safely return to the roadway. You may have drifted, slid due to slick pavement, fallen asleep or forced off to avoid a collision. Don't jerk the wheel to get back on the road. You must be careful when turning the vehicle and heading it back on the road. Overcorrecting (turning the steering wheel too quickly is a common reason for rollover incidents).


Recovering from loss of control


If you ever find yourself in a situation where your vehicle has driven off the shoulder and youre at risk of losing control, its important to know how to regain control of the vehicle and the steps to take to ensure safety. Heres what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.


First, remain calm. Its easy to panic in these types of situations and worsen the already hazardous situation. Take a deep breath and focus on regaining control of your vehicle.


Second, reduce your speed. If youre going too fast and your vehicle is veering off the shoulder, its important to reduce your speed as soon as possible. Do not hit the brakes, as this can cause your vehicle to skid and increase the risk of an accident. Instead, gently reduce your speed by taking your foot off the accelerator and shifting into a lower gear.


Third, turn the wheel back towards the shoulder. If you find that youre not able to reduce your speed and your vehicle is still veering off the shoulder, youll need to turn the wheel back towards the shoulder in order to regain control. Try to turn the wheel in the same direction that your vehicle is veering.


Fourth, use the shoulder to your advantage. If youre able to, try to use the shoulder as a way to regain control of your vehicle. The shoulder is made up of loose gravel, which can help to slow down your vehicle and provide traction.


Fifth, pull off the road. Once youve regained control of your vehicle, its important to pull off the road as soon as possible. This will ensure that youre not a hazard to other drivers and that you can take the time to assess the situation and ensure that you and your passengers are safe.


Finally, check for damage. Once youre safely off the road, its important to check for any damage that may have occurred. Check your tires for any damage and check to make sure that all of your lights are working properly.


Regaining control of your vehicle when its driven off the shoulder can be a frightening experience, but its important to remain calm and take the proper steps to ensure safety. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that you and your passengers are safe and that you can get back on the road safely.



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