Handling Emergencies - Resistance Topic Class




Handling Emergencies - Class Topic

Some roads are just more dangerous than others. Even if the road is normally safe, it can become dangerous when conditions are poor. Traveling downhill is especially hazardous when ice and snow are on the road.

Once your vehicle is in a skid it is nearly impossible to control untill you regain traction. If you are sliding, let off the gas and steer towards direction of the skid. Once you regain control brake gently and don't jerk the steering wheel. If you are unable to stop the vehicle you can use bushes or a snow bank to stop.

When driving on snow, ice, oil or other slick surfaces:

  • Reduce your speed to one that is safe for the conditions.
  • Increase the space cushion between your vehicle and traffic ahead.
  • Don't aggressively steer or slam on your brakes (if you don't have anti-lock brakes)
  • Slow down when approaching turns.
  • If traveling down hill, shift to low.

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