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Riding in Open Beds


Trucks are increasingly becoming a popular form of transportation for family travel. Space limitations often lead drivers and/or parents to allow children to ride in the cargo area which puts them at risk for serious injury or even death.


A person commits an offense if the person operates an open-bed pickup truck or an open flatbed truck or draws an open flatbed trailer when a child younger than 18 years of age is occupying the bed of the truck or trailer. the fine is not less than $25 or more than $200.


Restraints-Class-DefensiveIt is a defense to prosecution under this section that the person was:

  • operating or towing the vehicle in a parade or in an emergency;
  • operating the vehicle to transport farmworkers from one field to another field on a farm-to-market road, ranch-to-market road, or county road outside a municipality;
  • operating the vehicle on a beach;
  • operating a vehicle that is the only vehicle owned or operated by the members of a household; or
  • operating the vehicle in a hayride permitted by the governing body of or a law enforcement agency of each county or municipality in which the hayride will occur.

Did you know:

  • Children and teenagers account for more than half of the deaths of passengers riding in the bed of a truck.
  • Most non-collision deaths in a pickup truck bed are caused by swerving, braking or rough roads.
  • Children in covered pickup beds are exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust.

Safety Tip: Child safety seats must NOT be used in side facing jump seats.


Riding in Pickup Beds


Riding in the back of a pickup truck can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be a dangerous one if you dont take the necessary precautions. Pickup beds are not designed for carrying passengers, and there are a variety of risks associated with riding in a pickup bed. Its important to be aware of the potential dangers of riding in the bed of a pickup truck so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not its the right choice for you.


When riding in the pickup bed, the most important safety precaution is to wear a seatbelt. Seatbelts are not standard equipment in pickup beds, so you’ll need to purchase one from an aftermarket supplier. The seatbelt should be securely attached to the bed of the truck and should be adjusted for a comfortable fit. It’s also important to make sure the seatbelt is secure and not loose, as it could be a hazard if it slips off during your ride.


Another important safety precaution is to stay seated while the truck is moving. Standing up in the bed of a moving truck is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury, even death. Additionally, it’s important to keep your hands and feet inside the bed at all times. Loose limbs can be struck by objects in the road, or they may be thrown out of the bed if the truck takes a sharp turn.


It’s also important to remember that the bed of the truck is not a safe place to store items. Objects that are stored in the bed can become projectiles during a crash, leading to serious injury. If you must transport items, make sure they are securely fastened to the bed of the truck.


Finally, it’s important to remember that pickup beds are designed for hauling, not passengers. The bed of a pickup truck is not designed to protect passengers from the elements. If the weather is rainy or snowy, the bed of the truck may become wet or slippery, making it dangerous to ride in. Additionally, wind and road noise can be louder in the bed of a pickup truck than in the cab, leading to a more uncomfortable ride.


Riding in the bed of a pickup truck can be a fun experience, but it’s important to make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. Be sure to wear a seatbelt, stay seated while the truck is moving, and don’t store items in the bed. Additionally, be aware of the potential dangers of riding in the bed of a pickup truck and make sure it’s the right choice for you before taking the plunge.


Riding In Trailers


Riding in trailers is a great way to transport your horses over long distances. It can also be a great way to give your horses some much-needed rest and relaxation during long trips. Whether youre looking for a trailer to take your horses to the next show or youre just looking for a way to get them to your next destination, knowing how to ride in a trailer safely is essential.


First and foremost, its important to make sure you have the right size trailer for your horses. You want to make sure that your horses have enough room to move around comfortably and safely. If your trailer is too small, your horses may become uncomfortable and unsafe. If your trailer is too big, your horses may become too loose and be at risk for injury.


Once youve chosen the right size trailer for your horses, youll want to make sure you properly secure them before you start your journey. Make sure that you use a tie-down system that is designed specifically for horses. Make sure that the straps are strong and secure, and that theyre not too tight or too loose. Check the straps regularly during your trip to make sure theyre still secure.


Its also important to make sure that your horses are comfortable while theyre riding in the trailer. Make sure that the floor of the trailer is well-padded and that there is plenty of room for your horses to move around. You should also make sure that the windows are open to allow for proper ventilation.


When youre ready to hit the road, make sure that you plan ahead. If youre traveling a long distance, make sure that you plan for plenty of rest stops so that you can give your horses a break. Make sure that you have plenty of hay and water for your horses, as well as food for yourself.


Finally, its important to remember that riding in a trailer can be a scary experience for horses. Make sure that you always talk to your horses in a soothing voice and that you stay calm throughout the entire journey. If your horses seem particularly anxious, you may want to consider getting them a calming supplement to help them relax.


Riding in a trailer can be an enjoyable and safe experience for you and your horses. Just be sure to take the time to properly prepare and plan ahead before you hit the road. With the right preparation and safety measures, you and your horses will be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

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