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Changing a Tire

Tire-Defensive-ClassIf not done correctly, changing a tire can be very dangerous. The vehicle may fall due to it moving or an incorrectly placed jack. Be sure you have the correct equipment and look at the owners manual for instruction.  Traffic whizzing by as you change a tire is a hazard you need to avoid, so pull as far away from traffic as you can and don't risk your life to make that appointment.


If you are unfamiliar with how to change a tire, have difficulty removing lug nuts (many times those are really stuck on there), or operating a jack (most jacks are stiff, slow and hard to reach when under the vehicle) you would probably be much better off getting professional help, especially on multi-lane highways.


Steps to Changing a Tire


Learning how to change a tire is an essential skill for any driver, as it allows you to fix a flat tire quickly and safely. Its a relatively simple process that requires a few basic tools and a little bit of know-how. In this article, well go over the steps to changing a tire, so you can be prepared if and when you ever need to do it.


Step 1: Gather your tools Before you can begin, youll need to make sure you have the right tools. Youll need a jack, lug wrench, and spare tire (if you dont have one, you can buy one at a local auto parts store). Make sure you also have a flashlight and gloves, as they can be helpful when working in the dark.


Step 2: Loosen the lugs Next, youll need to loosen the lugs that hold the wheel in place. Use the lug wrench provided in your toolkit to loosen the lugs by turning them counterclockwise. Be sure not to remove the lugs completely, just loosen them enough that they can be removed easily.


Step 3: Jack up the car Once the lugs are loosened, youll need to jack up the car. Place the jack under the car, making sure its securely in place. Then, use the jack to raise the car until the tire is off the ground.


Step 4: Remove the tire Once the car is jacked up, you can remove the tire. Start by removing the lugs completely, then carefully pull the tire off the car. Once the tire is off, you can place it aside and move on to the next step.


Step 5: Install the spare tire Now that the old tire is off, you can install the spare tire. Start by placing the spare tire onto the wheel hub, then replace the lugs and tighten them with the lug wrench. Make sure the lugs are tight, but dont over-tighten them.


Step 6: Lower the car Once the spare tire is installed, you can lower the car back to the ground. Be sure to lower the car slowly, as this will help protect the spare tire from damage.


Step 7: Check the tire pressure Once the car is back on the ground, youll need to check the air pressure in the spare tire. If the air pressure is too low, youll need to add air to the tire. You can either do this at a gas station or with a portable air compressor.


Step 8: Dispose of the flat tire


Once youve checked the air pressure in the spare tire, you can dispose of the flat tire. If you have a flat tire, its important to properly dispose of it, as it can be dangerous if left on the side of the road. You can bring it to a local tire shop or auto parts store and they will be able to properly dispose of it for you. By following these steps, you should be able to quickly and safely change a tire. Remember, its important to always use the proper tools and to take your time when changing a tire. Be sure to check the air pressure in the spare tire after youve installed it, as this will help ensure your safety on the road.



Blowouts and Tires

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