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When the average person thinks about Austin they usually conjure up images of big cowboy hats, lazy smiles, stockyards, and maybe even an old country music show that used to air on cable. As a resident of the town, you know the area as a great place to race a family. You also know the local police force tends t be tough when it comes to traffic violations and ticketing drivers. The next time one of Austin’s finest pulls you over and issues a ticket, you will know you have some options you might not have considered in the past.

There’s nothing fun about getting a traffic ticket.

For something as simple as not making a complete stop (there weren’t any cars coming) and speeding (it was only a few miles over the posted speed limit) the fees can be quite high, and any points that get added to your license could have a long term impact on how much you have to pay for car insurance.

The good news is that although the Austin road patrollers might be quick to hand out traffic tickets, the Austin courthouse has a different attitude towards traffic tickets. The judge won’t simply forget about the ticket, that’s not their style, but there’s a really good chance that they will let your enroll in defensive driving classes.

What You Can Expect from the Austin Defensive Driving Course

Each Austin defensive driving course will be a little different. Some will be held in a brick and mortar classroom while others take place online. Some have an actual driving portion, others don’t. Some tend to be boring and teach defensive driving in the most boring manner possible. The really popular ones provide comedy defensive driving Austin. The one thing they all have in common is a strong desire to see you turn into the best possible driver you can be. It’s up to you to decide which one will be the most convenient and works best with your personal learning style.

How Long will the Course Take

The exact amount of time you have to devote to the 6 hour defensive driving course depends on which course you take. Some last longer than others. The shortest a program can be, and still teach you everything you need to know, is six hours.

How Much Time do You Have to Complete the Course

If you’re taking the class for your own reasons you can take as long as you like to complete it. However if you’re taking it as the result of a court order, you have exactly 90 days from the date you received the ticket to complete the course and present the passed exam to the judge. If you fail the class or never enroll in one, the original ticket will stay in effect.

Austin Ticket Dismissal Course is approved by the Texas Education Agency for ticket dismissal at all courts in the state of Texas. We make the course so easy and convenient for you to take. You can complete the course at your own pace and on your own schedule at any place you want to go or in the comfort of your own home. Our course is educational and entertaining!

If you are caught speeding in Austin, you may be able to take a ticket dismissal course to keep the points off your driving record. Our course is certified for ticket dismissal for Austin courts, or any other court in Texas.

If you successfully complete the course, the points will not go on your driving record, and your insurance rates will not go up.

If you successfully complete the course, the points will not go on your driving record, and your insurance rates may not go up.

So, if you are caught speeding in Austin, you may be able to take the Austin Defensive Driving Course by Comedy Safe Driver to keep the points off your driving record.

When you get a traffic ticket in Austin, you may be able to take a ticket dismissal course to keep the ticket off your record. The course is usually six hours long and is offered Comedy Safe Driver online for a ticket you get in Austin.

Once you complete the course, you'll need to show the court your certificate of completion and the ticket will be dismissed. This can be a great way to avoid having a moving violation on your record.

If you're considering taking a ticket dismissal course, be sure to check with the court to see if the course is approved and to find out what the requirements are. You'll also want to make sure you can complete the course in time to meet the court's deadline.

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Austin Community Court
Austin, TX 78711-3454
P O Box 13464
(512) 974-4879
Michael Anderson Coffey, Presiding Judge

$25 Austin Ticket Dismissal Course Austin Ticket Dismissal Course


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