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Approved And Other Methods To Determine If Your Parents Should Be Driving.

If you're looking at your elderly parents and wondering whether or not they should still be on the road, you're not alone. There comes a point where everyone wonders the same thing. Even though you don't want your parents to be driving if they cant do so safely, you also don't want to take their keys away just because they've gotten old.

There's several ways that you can handle the situation.

Go for a Ride with Your Elderly Parents

As parents get older, the instinct tends to be for the children to automatically take over the driving responsibilities. Instead of automatically reaching for the keys, you should ask your mom or dad to run you to the grocery store. This give you first hand knowledge of how they handle the car, react to their surroundings, and do things that puts their life or the life of others in danger.

Its not a bad idea to occasionally have your parent drive you somewhere that they don't routinely go. This makes it easier to access how they adapt to new situations.

Talk to Them.

Find out how your parents feel about their driving. If they don't live with you, you should ask how often they drive, when they drive, and if they've experienced any difficulty. This should be a conversation that happens more and more frequently as they age. You will learn a lot based on their answers. Its not entirely unusual for a parent to suddenly decide in the middle of one of these conversations to decide that they no longer want to drive. Its always best when they make this decision for themselves.

Encourage Them to Stop Driving at Night.

Night vision always seems to be the very first thing to go when people age. Most people think that they can still see okay once the sun goes down, but they really cant. Explain to your parents that you will feel better if they call you for a ride, rather than driving themselves around after dark.

Have Them Take a Cheap Defensive Driving Class Texas.

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