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Our Texas Driving Safety Course

Our Texas Comedy Course is an entertaining and informative way to complete your required driver safety training. Our course is completely online and can be completed on any device. We offer an interactive and fun method of learning that you won't find with other companies. Our class is presented in an entertaining manner with a combination of videos, animations, and humor. Plus, you'll also learn important defensive driving techniques that could help you to prevent accidents in the future.

Why We Are Better:

Comedy Videos, Images and Breaks

Animations of real-world collisions


Plus Much More!


  • Dismiss your traffic ticket or speeding ticket.

  • Complete the course online with lowest price allowed by Texas law.

  • Clear your driving record and lower insurance premiums.

  • Everything is completely online and complete the course any time and anywhere you want.

  • Learn to be a safer driver and improve your knowledge on traffic regulations.

  • We are approved by the Texas Department of Regulation and Licensing to satisfy your defensive driving requirements.

  • Certified accepted in all Texas courts.

  • Our Driving Safety Course has been created by the professionals to make the course flexible, easy to understand and convenient that no other course has.

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TDLR Certification

Our Online Defensive Driving and that is TDLR approved and certified.  Today, drivers have the opportunity to take a TDLR approved and certified online defensive driving course offered by Our Online Defensive Driving. This course is designed to help drivers become more aware of the rules of the road and become safer drivers.


The course includes twelve easy-to-follow lessons that cover different aspects of defensive driving. The topics include the basics of safe driving, the law, traffic signs, and other skills necessary to be a better driver. After each lesson, there is an assessment that tests the students knowledge of the content. In addition to the defensive driving course, Our Online Defensive Driving also offers additional courses such as accident prevention, driver safety, and driver awareness. These courses are designed to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings and the dangers of the road.


Comedy Safe Driver is a great way for drivers to become more knowledgeable about the rules of the road and become safer drivers. The course is easy to follow and TDLR approved and certified. It is a great way for drivers to become more aware and safer on the road.


Our Driving Safety (Defensive Driving) Course


The online class contains animated recreations of actual collisions



Airline Comedy Cartoon


Do you want to stay safe on the road? Are you trying to find a fun approach to improve your defensive driving techniques? If this describes you, Comedy Safe Driver Defensive Driving is the best option. Comedy Safe Driver Defensive Driving is a program that integrates entertainment and education to produce a fun and instructive experience. It is intended to assist drivers in increasing their self-assurance and awareness while driving so they may stay safe and drive more responsibly.


Defensive driving, safety practices, environmental issues, and legal issues are the four modules that make up the course. The defensive driving course covers subjects including how to drive in various weather conditions, how to maintain a car, and how to react in an emergency. The safety practices module covers subjects like how to properly wear a seatbelt, how to examine a car, and how to use turn signals and headlights. The environmental issues module covers subjects such as air pollution, fuel efficiency, and lowering the amount of car trips. Last but not least, the legal concerns module discusses subjects including traffic laws, license and registration requirements, and insurance needs.


Each module is made to be intriguing and engaging. To make the training more engaging and to maintain the drivers' attention, the comedians use actual-world instances. Also, the comedians may make the sessions entertaining, which keeps the drivers alert and focused.


Comedy Safe Driver Defensive Driving also includes a variety of quizzes and tests that help to reinforce the lessons taught during the course. The quizzes are designed to test the drivers’ knowledge of the material, and to make sure that they are absorbing the information. This helps to ensure that the drivers are able to demonstrate their understanding of the material and are able to put the skills into practice.


Comedy Safe Driver is a great way  to stay safe on the road. The course is engaging, entertaining, and educational. It is designed to help drivers become more confident, aware, and responsible on the road. So if you want to stay safe on the road and have a great time doing it, Comedy Safe Driver Defensive Driving is the perfect choice for you.

Texas Driving Safety Course.


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