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When you get issued a traffic ticket, its very important that you stop and consider all of your options and the possible impact they could have on your future. For example, deciding to ignore the entire situation could result in your license getting suspended and a bench warrant for your arrest getting issued, pretty harsh payment for a simple mistake. On the other hand, simply paying the ticket and not doing anything to fight it means you'll have points on your license which can lead to a huge increase in the amount of auto insurance you have to pay every single month.

Believe it or not, there is another option. If the court agrees, you could have 90 days from the date that you were issued your ticket to attend a Austin Defensive Driving School in Round Rock Texas and fine tune your driving skills. The cost of the course will generally be a great deal less than the traffic fine and you'll find you sense of confidence behind the wheel will come back. Best of all, your attendance at the Austin Defensive Driving School in Round Rock Texas means you'll be smarter and safer while on the road.

When most people get told that taking a course at the Austin Defensive Driving School in Round Rock Texas they get a little nervous. Getting a traffic ticket can be an embarrassing situation and finding out that you have to go to traffic school even more so. If you're worried about one of your friends or family members finding out, you can relax. Many of the driving schools in the Round Rock and surrounding area are held online. You and the state of Texas will be the only ones who know that you attended traffic school.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when it comes to attending driving school to help you get out of a moving violation. The first thing will be that you have to act quickly. The court wants you to learn a lesson and they don't want to wait forever. They provide you with 90 days to complete the course and ace the examination. The 90 days start as soon as the ticket has been issued by the highway patrol officer.

The other thing you cant forget is that the school you select, whether its a brick and mortar facility, or one that takes place via the web, is that it has to be recognized by the state of Texas. If the court doesn't accept the program, you'll still have points on your license and you'll have to pay the traffic ticket. Once you're enrolled in the program you need to pay attention so you can pass the examination quickly and get out from under the threat of an expensive traffic ticket.

Round Rock Defensive Driving is fast and easy to complete. Most of all, you will enjoy the advantages and benefits of taking this course. We are here to help you meet your defensive driving requirements and improve your driving skills to become a better and safer driver.
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Austin Community Court
P O Box 13464 Austin, TX 78711-3454
(512) 974-4879
Michael Anderson Coffey, Presiding Judge
Round Rock
301 W Bagdad, Ste 120 Round Rock, TX 78664-5826
(512) 218-5480
Dan R. McNery, Presiding Judge
Sandra M. Fitzpatrick, Associate Judge
Troy L. Voelker, Associate Judge

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